Three Trending Fire Pits

What could be more inviting than an outdoor fire pit on a cool evening? Fire pits are all the rage, and there are several trends on the market right now you might be interested in. If you’re considering installing a fire pit as the weather cools down, check out these three trends in fire pits.

1. Smokeless fire pit inserts

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But where there’s fire, there doesn’t have to be smoke. Don’t sit around the fire with friends and family with smoke blowing in your face, and don’t annoy your neighbors by accidentally blowing fire pit smoke into their windows. Instead, consider investing in a smokeless insert for your fire pit. These smokeless inserts add oxygen directly to the wood smoke in your pit, producing an almost entirely smokeless experience in your backyard. The smokeless fire pit insert is perfect for either above-ground or in-ground smoke pits, so definitely check it out.

2. Clean burning fuels

You could run around the neighborhood or your own backyard in search of firewood, but why do that when you can utilize environmentally-friendly clean-burning fuels? Fire pits don’t just burn wood anymore. If your home is equipped with natural gas or propane services, you can connect your fire pit to these sources and use that fuel to power your pit. Ethanol is a renewable fuel that is used for luxury designer fireplace elements, which also cut down or eliminate smoke, soot, and that fire pit smell.

3. Artistic and decorative elements

As attractive as a fire pit is, why not get a little creative with your outdoor fire pit design? Consider fire bowls, column caps, or fire tables for your backyard living space to spice up your outdoor decorations. These fireplaces add a unique spin to any outdoor living space and are a great focal point and conversation piece at BBQs and bonfires.

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