How To Create a Fall Inspired Outdoor Space

Fall is finally here, and that means cooler weather, the beauty of leaves changing, hayrides, apple picking, and bonfires are all upon us! Here at Farmingville Masonry & Concrete, we want to spend as much time as possible outdoors with our friends, families, and neighbors and know that most of you do too. However, we don’t all have a great place to host guests outside. That’s why we’re here with an easy guide to help you create the ideal fall themed outdoor space you’ll want to enjoy year round!

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One of the easiest ways a space can exude autumn is through color choices. Put away the bright yellows, blues, and pinks of summer and swap them out for rich, darker jewel tones. Think deep burgundies, burnt oranges, and warm golden hues. An easy way to do this is by switching out pillows, adding some soft, cozy blankets to your seating area, and breaking out the pumpkins.

DIY projects are a fun way to put your own personal touch on your space for cheap! Creating your own decorations and lightning add a warmness that will make you wish you could live outside. Lanterns provide a soft glow if you use candles in them and line the space and yard. You can also start drying out the flowers you grow in your own yard to create arrangements that bring some life to the more dreary weather.

We also think that every fall outdoor space needs a fire pit. What better way to bring people together on a cool evening is there than by gathering them around a warm crackling fire and roasting a marshmallow or two? This is where we come in. Not only do we specialize in landscaping and hardscaping, but we also carry equipment and bulk supplies for those of you who prefer to build your space by hand. We can help you come up with a plan and offer you great prices on what you’ll need to make your dream space come true, or we can do all the work for you and create the perfect outdoor area you’ll never want to leave. Give us a call to get started today!

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